"I promise to remain in you, if you will remain in ME."      -Safe With Me-

"I promise to remain in you, if you will remain in ME."

-Safe With Me-

Doran Robin's testimony starts in June of 2004 when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 10. If growing up the oldest of later to be 10 Children wasn't enough to bring a sense of reality, fighting cancer at an early age definitely was. Doran not only learned that life is a gift, but that there are millions of people suffering everyday. This perspective helped him realize the importance of laying all of our trust at the feet of Jesus. Since that time, Doran has been pursuing God and learning how to glorify Him through his music. During his high school years, Doran started a worship ministry named "Unchained Valor." God opened many doors through Unchained Valor which allowed Doran to learn an unusual amount about music. Not only the buisness aspect, but how it effects peoples lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

  In the spring of 2013 Doran felt a huge pull by God to shift his focus to a new project that displayed a more clear message of hope. This allowed Doran to interact and engage with his listeners at a more genuine and personal level. Through his experience with cancer, Doran had the chance to hear and meet so many families in the hospital that were hurting physically, financially and emotionally. It was then that Doran realized that it is in these times when our world falls apart, that he has been given a passion to stand along side those who feel themselves being dragged down by the weight of constant struggle. The heart of Doran Robin's ministry is to show God's people, through music, that their Heavenly Father speaks to them and tells them, "my child, you will always and forever be "Safe with Me."